Trekking Mt Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights via Senaru

Latest news on Mount Rinjani 2019

Update news Mount Rinjani 2019, In the meantime we cannot climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake, because of the landslide conditions caused by the earthquake last year 2018

We will serve you hiking Mount Rinjani below which has been opened publicly Friday June 14, 2019

Please choose the package to climb Mount Rinjani 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights and click on the link below

Hiking mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 nights start climb from Sembalun
Hiking mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 nights start climb from Senaru

Hiking mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights start climb from Sembalun
Hiking mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights start climb from Senaru

Hiking trail on Mount Rinjani reopens with restrictions – Official Announcement from the Rinjani National Park Board.

The trail on Mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), was officially opened on Friday June 14, 2019 after being closed after the earthquake in Lombok in August last year.

“We surveyed the area more than five times to ensure safety before opening the hiking trail,” said the head of Mount Rinjani National Park Agency.

“Since last year’s earthquake, local residents have been unable to work because they depend on providing services to climbers,”

However, climbers are prohibited from visiting the peaks of Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake, and will only be allowed to trek to the Plawangan Senaru and Sembalun craters (Plawangan Crater 2 Days 1 Night) OR Mount Rinjani hiking package 3 Day 2 Night listed above.

The number of pedestrians allowed is also limited. A maximum of 500 people (divided into all 150 entry gates / gates / day), including porters and guides, are permitted to enter four official routes per day, namely Sembalun in East Lombok, Senaru in North Lombok, Aik Berik in Central Lombok and Timbanuh in North Lombok.

“All climbers who will go up and down Mount Rinjani will be recorded to avoid illegal activities,” Please contact US as a TO (Trekking Organizer) that is registered or has a business permit Mount Rinjani National Park Office, with each quota system implemented with details of the 150 people / day Senaru and Sembalun climbing routes, Timbanuh and Aik Berik 100 people / day each

Further notice from the national park management board through our office, Because some treks tracks need to be maintained, especially the track to the top and down to the crater lake the reason for reopening with restrictions & limited trekkers

For availability and reservations to be made through us at Contact Us via email, it is highly recommended to arrange your trip because this will give you more time to prepare yourself to attack the most difficult travel lanes in Southeast Asia.

Please contact us via email if you need more information about Mount Rinjani, our volcanologist is happy to explain about the Rinjani volcano for your comfortable visit in our place.

Trekking Mount Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights start from Senaru

We provide a package trekking to Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights start from Senaru including transport a shuttle from Lombok Airport and availability of your accommodation local hotel in Senaru before trekking in the morning, so the activities during the ascent of Mount Rinjani into 3 days 2 nights. This package NO perfect for beginner climbers, first night at local hotels in Senaru under foot of Mount Rinjani National Park, Start trekking mount Rinjani from Senaru village – overnight in campsite Lake Segara Anak – overnight in campsite Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim – To the Summit Mount Rinjani 3726 meters – Ending at Sembalun Lawang village – Ending Mataram or Senggigi areas.

Arrival Day: Our team will pick you up at Lombok Airport or Mataram city and Senggigi area, then our team will transfer you by private car and join together in one car leads to your hotel to Senaru under foot Mount Rinjani riding reach during 3 hours. After arriving at your hotel Senaru, the guide will welcome you to give directions or briefings to prepare for climbing tomorrow morning to Mount Rinjani on condition of fitness level well.

Plawangan Senaru crater rim altiude 2641 meters Mount Rinjani
Plawangan Senaru crater rim altiude 2641 meters Mount Rinjani

Short Itinerary hiking and trekking package mount Rinjani 4 Days 3 Nights start via Senaru:

DAY 1. Airport Lombok – night at local hotel in Senaru under foot of Mount Rinjani National Park.
DAY 2. Senaru Village – overnight in camp Lake Segara Anak altitude 2000m, mount Rinjani.
DAY 3. Lake Segara Anak – overnight in camp Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim, mount Rinjani.
DAY 4. Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim – Go Summit Mount Rinjani – Sembalun Lawang – Mataram OR Senggigi area.

Detail Itinerary hiking and trekking Mount Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights, start climb from Senaru as follow:

DAY 1. Airport Lombok – to Senaru Village, we provide your accommodation under foot of mount Rinjani at Senaru
On the shuttle from the Airport Lombok to the village Senaru takes approximately 3 and half hours, overnight at local hotel in Senaru.

DAY 2. Senaru Village – overnight edge Lake Segara Anak, mount Rinjani
After breakfast at the hotel at 7 am, your guide and porter already waiting in the lobby of your hotel, Please get acquainted to them, your guide and arrange national park entry tickets. Short briefing explains the route details at Rinjani Trek Centre office, local cultural traditions and what you might see, and with regard to waste management in the surrounding safety procedures. The first time climbing trip looks turbulent fields and dense forests in tropical flora, we can observe bird life voice in the morning the wild animals and various species of butterflies. It depends on your preference and weather conditions, a break in heading 3 Mondokon Lolak (2,000 m) after about five hours climb from Senaru, or continue the ascent for several hours through grasslands savannah habitat for Plawangan Senaru crater at an altitude of 2,641 meters from the crater rim looks stretched wide lake views Segara Anak (2,000 m) then we go down to the lake Segara Anak extra careful enough, small enough and winding road that resembles a rat lines to go to the lake Segara Anak. Travel routes in this point is steep, rocky and gravel. Guide and porter will help you give extra attention direction. New mountain looks altitude (2351 meter) volcano is still active, last erupting dramatically in 1994. It takes three hours down a steep trail to the crater lake. After arriving at the edge of the lake, spend the remaining time to rest or relax, to swim in the lake and is also exploring the caves, a place of pilgrimage hot springs, believed to have healing powers, dinner and overnight in tents at the edge Lake Segara Anak (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

DAY 3. Lake Segara Anak – overnight at Plawangan Sembalun Crater rim, mount Rinjani
We’ll leave Lake Segara Anak after lunch and climb up to the Plawangan Sembalun crater rim (2639m) for 3 hours, leaving from the lake and will climb high enough and steep take as long as 3-4 hours up until the Plawangan Sembalun Crater, lunch and dinner at camp and rest at Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim with a height of 2639 meters We can enjoy the awesome views of sunrise and sunset. On a clear night, we will be able to see the Milky Way, We will camp the night at Plawangan Sembalun crater rim, (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

DAY 4. Plawangan Sembalun Crater – Summit Mount Rinjani – Sembalun Lawang – Mataram OR Senggigi area 
Prepare breakfast for wake up early morning at 2 o’clock in the morning preparation climb to the summit (3726 m). Wake up at 02:00 am starting to climb to the Summit of Mount Rinjani 3726 meters is required to climb 3-4 hours leading to the summit (3726 m) seems a fairly natural beauty cum down on the screen New volcanic mountain. Arriving at the peak of 3,726 meters, enjoying the feeling of pride and satisfaction of natural views towards the stunning sunrise line to Bali, Mount Agung and Mount Tambora on Sumbawa, down to a height of 2639 meters of Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim, rest and breakfast, after breakfast is well prepared, with the ascent the smooth running in the middle of pine Casuarinas like species, known locally as the Pine, maybe we can see evidence of wild pigs and long-tailed macaque monkeys gray. Resting at Pos 3 PADABALONG (1,800 m), enjoying a lunch break here. We reached at Post 2 Tengengean (1,500 m) to enjoy the scenic summit of Mount Rinjani (3726 m). decreased relaxing walk continues through an open meadow that we can see cattle grazing by local people for shelter, rest in post 1 on the altitude (1,300). The journey ends in the Valley of Rinjani is Sembalun Lawang village, where cars are waiting for you to transfer to Mataram or Senggigi. (breakfast and lunch)

The above prices trekking mount Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights on pay person as follow:
2 – 3 Participant = US$ 309 per person
4 – 6 Participant = US$ 301 per person
7 – 10 Participant = US$ 293 per person
11 – 15 Participant and up = US$ 285 per person

Available the above cost | price | rate are discount by email and the above package valid until December 31′ 2018.

OPTIONAL TO GO SUMMIT MOUNT RINJANI 3726 M: During 3rd night at Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim altitude 2639m, when we continue to go to the highest peak of 3726 meters, you will be assisted by a guide, your obligation to pay to your guide is IDR 150,000, Please share with your friends if 3 people including you paid is IDR 50,000 per person, and pay direct to our guide at Mount Rinjani or after climbing activity at Sembalun Lawang, because we can not estimate the ability to summit 3726m – read the above Day 4:

The above package price includes: 
– 1 night in hotel Senaru (twin share)
– Guide and Porter
– Tent and toilet tent
– Get a sleeping bag
– Get a mattress
– Each get bottled water 3 liter per person per day
– Cooking equipment
– Trekking activity at mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights
Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb on Mount Rinjani
– 2 time Transport (Airport – Senaru) (Sembalun Lawang – Mataram or Senggigi)
– Entrance fee National Park Mount Rinjani

The above package does not include:
-Porters for bags for carrying personal expenses/items
-Tip & gratuities to guide & porter
-Personal travel insurance
-All costs is personal
-Head lamp /hand torch
-Small bag pack/daily pack
-Trekking shoes
-Trekking jacket
-Ticket airplane
-Long pants/trousers.
-Dinner at hotel on the first day

Mileage ascent from Senaru village and see Map Mount Rinjani 
Start From Senaru Village trekking up to Plawangan Senaru Crater Rim altitude 2641m approx 7 hours
From Plawangan Senaru Crater go down Lake Segara Anak approx 3 and half hours
From Lake Segara Anak trekking up again to Plawangan Sembalun Crater altitude 2639m approx 3 hours
From Plawangan Sembalun Crater altitude 2639m trekking up to the Summit Mount Rinjani approx 3 and half hours
From Summit Mount Rinjani to go down Plawangan Sembalun Crater an altitude 2639m approx 2 hours
From Plawangan Sembalun Crater to go down Sembalun Lawang village approx 6 hours
From Sembalun Village drive to Mataram or Senggigi approx 3 hours

Why start climbing Mount Rinjani in the morning? 
Before climbing in the morning at 7 am from Senaru village under foot mount Rinjani, you will reach the climb for 7 hours, but for 2 hours climbing / walking, you have an obligation to rest during ascent is 7 hours, you will find a sunset at the end of your ascent in campsite and overnight in Plawangan Senaru Crater Rim an altitude 2641m
The ascent of mount Rinjani requires you to have a good level of fitness and ability to walk long distance. Person with mountain sickness or height phobia and also asthma are not allowed to join this tour. Individual or group departures are available upon request. We can customize any date based on request with minimum 2 persons in each group.

There are two type of service to choose, Deluxe or Standard budget service.
And please consider your request before you start climbing to mount Rinjani via our email, so we can fulfill you needs and on your requests.

Deluxe service we mean: when you need an extra porter to carry Your personal belongings, wherever you will be followed by your porter, extra food, thick foam mattress, chair, trekking sticks and the other, you will be given an extra charge by our coordinator once you arrive on the first day or before climb or after arriving at the hotel under the foot of Mount Rinjani.

Book and reservation payment: 
For the secure of booking a reservation, please transfer one month before into our bank account as deposit 50%, and remaining payment after trekking mount Rinjani.
Please not to cut the fees of transfer in your bank from the above prices.
Please transfer in US Dollar or to transfer in any currency of your country so that our banks in Indonesia will receive Rupiah.

When you have to agree with the above prices, we will send proforma invoice to you via email. During counted 2 days after you deposit transfer, please let us know as soon as possible, so we check directly through our internet banking, tell us the name of your bank, the sender’s name and subject, if you deposit we have received, we immediately block your accommodation, transport, porter and guide, and of course you have been scheduled in the daily operation of our office.

Our Bank account:
Bank Address: (KCU Cakranegara) Jalan Pejanggik, No.67, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara
ACCT Number: 0560882122
Beneficiary name: I Komang Satya Budi
Swift code: CENAIDJA
Swift Sort Code: CENA

There have noted: Using Guaranteed Euro is very simple.
The Sender must provide the name of the Receiver, an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or account number and a correct BIC Code (Swift Code).

What to bring: 
· Stick mountain
· Cameras
· Sunscreen [sun block]
· Hats and sunglasses
· Toilet paper [dry wet wipes]
· Personal Medication
· Little amount of money
· Flashlights
· Personal hygiene items (e.g. tampons, etc.)
· Sweater
· Towels (for 4 days)
· Shirt T-Shirt
· Warm hat (evening, morning and peak)
· Tiger Balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
· Swimwear (if you intend to swim in the lake)
· Shirt trousers and shorts
· Gloves

About Your Porter:
Our porter will carry food, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, tarpaulins and kitchen tools are included, the porters are all very fit bring all stuff to mount Rinjani each 20 kilos, and not include carrying your bag to the porter, When the guest are 2 people as climbers, we use 2 porters and 1 guide.

Do you need extra porter to carry your luggage during trekking Mt Rinjani?
If you want to bring luggage to the personal items to Mount Rinjani by our porter then there is extra porters, additional cost extra porter fee is IDR 175,000 per porter per day, resulting in pay during a hike on Mount Rinjani 3 DAYS, quotation during the ascent of Mount Rinjani to IDR 525,000 per one porter. Load fit on the shoulders of porters fit 20 kilos, yes .. porter will follow you during the ascent of Mount Rinjani, payment is made after climbing activities and paid directly to the porter

On the other baggage:
Preferably things that do not need to take it your bag to climb to Mount Rinjani like a snorkel, so items must be in packing before climb in the morning from your hotel. Your luggage will be stored securely in locked warehouses Lembah Rinjani Hotel OR in our office, after trekking activity arriving in Sembalun, your luggage will be taken back by our coordinators or your driver and the same car, no additional cost everything and it’s the usual things we do with our guests.

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty your flight name and time come to Lombok International Airport Or name Port in Lombok also the hotel name after trekking mount Rinjani, please advise us the full name participants to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani.

We look forward to hearing from you book and reservation by email at

To know the differences start to climb to Mount Rinjani as follows:
If you want to climb from Sembalun Lawang, makes it easy to go to the Summit of Mount Rinjani. If you start to climb from Senaru, Possible for a climber to summit Mount Rinjani, but it is not suitable for novice climbers / beginner climbers, because the mileage to the Summit of Mount Rinjani far enough.

Trekking Mt. Rinjani start via Senaru for novice climbers
The novice climbers are very suitable for short-periods trekking mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights via Senaru including hotels under the foot of Mount Rinjani before starting to climb in the morning, the activity of climbing over on Mount Rinjani into 2 days 1 night.

The novice climbers are very suitable for long periods trekking mount Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Senaru including hotels under the foot of Mount Rinjani before starting to climb in the morning, the activity of climbing over on Mount Rinjani into 4 days 3 night.

Routine closure of Mount Rinjani National Park
The closure of hiking paths is one form of management of the climbing is done in order to restore (recovery) of ecosystems, the anticipation of danger of fire due to drought, cold weather and the anticipation of the rainy season that accompanied the wind that may harm the climbers. There are 2 closing mechanisms, namely a routine and incidental (at any time when needed) the certainty of closure will be issued by the clerk of the National Park of Mount Rinjani and announced through the entrance and in the Office of the National Park of Mount Rinjani). The closure of the hiking paths are routinely done during planned every year once at the time of the rainy season at the time specified during the early January to March, other than rain and strong winds accompanying the danger at any time can occur also as conservation of nature, Mount Rinjani National Park will open again in early April, it is already customary in each year.

The condition of the ascent of Mount Rinjani during Ramadan or fasting:
During the month of Ramadan or fasting, we still serve the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

Guides and porters are not working during the ascent of Mount Rinjani.
At the feast of victory of Idul Fitri (Eid-al-Fitr on 15th of June till 16th of June 2018) guides and porters are not working during the ascent of Mount Rinjani, because they’ve been doing: Eid prayer, Turn on Night Feast, Mutual visiting relatives, Visiting The Grave, for it so we can still serve the doing the ascent of Mount Rinjani on that date by giving extra bonuses to them to support this as an inducement to keep them working on the Idul Fitri on 15th of June till 16th of June 2018. All trekkers agent in Lombok does not serve climb mount Rinjani on Eid feast, but only we can serve you at the feast of Idul Fitri religious holiday, but if you want to have a tolerance for a bonus our team, and we are ready to serve you.

The above period on June 15 till 16th of June is Idul Fitri, you have obligation to pay additional fees bonuses for Idul Fitri.
Eid Al-Fitr for one guide = IDR 200,000
Eid Al-Fitr for one porter = IDR 175,000

Our Porter and guide no one wants to work will serve at Mt. Rinjani without bonuses above period.
If you want to avoid the cost of the above bonuses for the day Idul Fitri, please discuss to your colleagues.

Packages Terms and Condition
– Packages valid for International Market.
– Packages booking should be made 3 or 2 weeks prior to arrival.
– Packages quote per person traveling together.
– Accommodation base on availabilities nor same quality as mentioned on the packages.

Frequently ask questions;
Question: When is the best time of the year to climb Mt Rinjani? And when does the national park mount Rinjani close?
Answer: The best season of the climbing mount Rinjani are April – December. Mt Rinjani National Park closed from January – March due to the heavy rain. In fact, almost all year round it is possible to do trek due to the tropical climate that Lombok has, unless the activity of the volcano raised. The National Park authority will send notification about the current activity of the volcano.

Question: What are the different between Deluxe and Standard Service at Mount Rinjani?
Answer: The Deluxe Service gives travelers more convenient facilities such as; porter to carry your extra luggage to mount Rinjani, mountain chair, soft mattresses for sleeping, toilet shelter, better food, etc, while Standard Budget service use communal trekking equipment.

Question: Do the porters carry our luggage/backpack to Mount Rinjani?
Answer: No they don’t. Porters we provide are in charge to carry all logistic for the trek program only. If you wish, you can pay extra for extra porter to carry your extra luggage at IDR 175,000 per porter per day and pay direct to the porters after trek mount Rinjani.

Question: What time is the pick up time on the first days before climb Mt Rinjani in the morning if I stay in Senggigi or Mataram area?
Answer: Pick up point at the hotel’s lobby is at 06:00AM, anywhere in Senggigi or Mataram. For those who stay in Gili Islands, the pick up point would be at Bangsal Port OR Teluk Nara Port at 06:00AM, please arrange yourself boats transport from the Gilis to Bangsal Port OR Teluk Nara Port.

Question: Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek program to Mount Rinjani?
Answer: You can leave luggage to our coordinators under foot of mount Rinjani. You can have all your luggage back after the trek ends. Please check again your luggage before you leave the mount Rinjani, does not cost anything to your luggage is kept securely in our place. It’s the usual things we do with our guests also with your luggage safe.

Not comfortable, if you’re a backpacker walks alone toward Sembalun or to Senaru villages starting point for climbing the mountain Rinjani, you will be taken by someone not knowing the good ethics around Sembalun or Senaru villages, the impact of noise bad behavior by people around you, resulting in confusion and of course you will learn losses can not be expected.

Climbing Mt Rinjani without guide
If not experienced as adventurous ascent to Mount Rinjani do not follow links in the website that climb Mount Rinjani without guide and porter, unexpected losses, Mount Rinjani National Park officers do not allow without guide and porter! avoid the event of undesirable things also likely to be out of the area of Gunung Rinjani National Park.

Check your flight detail arrives in Lombok International Airport here
Check your fast boats OR slow Ferry from Bali arrives in Lombok here

Please visit the people who’ve ever climb Mount Rinjani with our services click on Photo Gallery of climbing Mount Rinjani on Google+ and Photo Gallery of the ascent of Mount Rinjani in Facebook Page

After climbing Mount Rinjani, we offer you option snorkel tour to Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis or snorkeling tours Gili Trawangan including the return boats, masks, swim fins and life jacket, of course your soreness is recovered.

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Trekking Mt Rinjani package 2 Days 1 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 3 Days 2 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 6 days 5 nights via Senaru |

Plawangan Senaru Crater altitude 2641 m
Plawangan Senaru Crater altitude 2641 m
Lake Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani 2000m - Trekking Rinjani
Lake Segara Anak of Mount Rinjani 2000m – Trekking Rinjani
Summit of Mount Rinjani
Summit of Mount Rinjani
Savanna Grass Sembalun Lawang altitude 1500m - Trekking Rinjani
Savanna Grass Sembalun Lawang altitude 1500m – Trekking Rinjani
The grass tall qat Sembalun Lawang altitude 1500 m - Trekking Rinjani
The grass tall qat Sembalun Lawang altitude 1500 m – Trekking Rinjani
Logo Trekking Rinjani
Logo Trekking Rinjani

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