Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Greeting from Rinjani Mountain! in this really special moment, first we’re glad to make an introduction, My name SATYA BUDI I was born in Mataram city Lombok island but I am originally from Bali (Balinese).

Why with Trekking Rinjani services?
We organize everything: Trekking equipment, food and beverages, guide, porters, transportation, accommodations, including the cost of parking is included in the price.

You are in safe hands,
Trekking Rinjani is an official registered company business license tour and travel are in Mataram city and all our team of guides and porters was born and raised in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park Sembalun regions that surely better known.

Each climbing team supported by a local experienced guide and porter and licensed.

All trekking equipment, food and beverages will be carried by porters, you just bring a bag of personal needs.

We have been running Mount Rinjani Trekking Organizer for more than 15 years

Our mission is to harness the vast experience and techniques of creative adventure climb Mount Rinjani to connect some formidable climber needs a change is desirable as a climber, be it climate or weather or terrain change climbing to mount Rinjani. We are constantly focused on quality service that has a surface energy and stamina of the body as a condition fit climbers adventures on Mount Rinjani.

At an elevation of Mount Rinjani 3.726 m

The second highest in Indonesia outside Papua. It is quite climbable or (the ability to climb up) by the visitor with a high level of physical fitness. It is critical to understand and respect the mountain is huge: sadly, visitors have passed through here failed to follow reasonable procedures and make all the necessary arrangements.

Some really make a very hard effort it takes to reach the top of the actual but stopped at the lip of the crater (2.639 m) where views of Crater Lake is mind blowing. To make climbing 1,000 meters in addition to top that desperately need a higher level of fitness, not to mention the strength of spirit and a sense of adventure.

Normally, a trip to the crater involves two days and one night at Mount Rinjani

But is possible your capable to go summit of mount Rinjani depend from your ability. It is often become part of the journey is longer period during at Mountain Rinjani into 4 days 3 night, also include spend the night at the edge Lake Segara Anak then descending in Senaru or to Torean? and this we may consider in our email right?

Okay, you can choose start trekking mount Rinjani package route from Sembalun Lawang at Mount Rinjani trekking package 2 days 1 nights from Sembalun LawangMount Rinjani trekking package 3 days 2 nights from Sembalun LawangMount Rinjani trekking package 4 days 3 nights from Sembalun LawangMount Rinjani trekking package 5 days 4 nights from Sembalun Lawang and Mount Rinjani trekking package 6 days 5 nights from Sembalun Lawang

Also you can choose start trekking Mount Rinjani package route from Senaru at Mount Rinjani trekking package 2 days 1 nights from SenaruMount Rinjani trekking package 3 days 2 nights from SenaruMount Rinjani trekking package 4 days 3 nights from SenaruMount Rinjani trekking package 5 days 4 nights from Senaru and Mount Rinjani trekking package 6 days 5 nights from Senaru

Trekking Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island track is one of the best kept secrets Indonesia. Comparable with the more famous mountain tracks, Rinjani offers adventurous respect scenery, waterfalls, rain forest, wildlife, hot springs, caves, demanding hiking, pristine lake, interesting culture and of course the volcano. We are the only trekking company that will take you further, to the top of the mountain is really magnificent.

Famous for its extraordinary beauty and eerie isolation, Mount Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia outside Irian Jaya. Although the dominant geographical phenomenon, its peak is rarely seen from the lowlands, as is often shrouded in clouds.
The park entrance fee is currently 300,000 IDR per day per person for overseas. Of this amount 13% allocated to mount Rinjani National Park, 62% to Rinjani Ecotourism Program Tracks and 25% to support the operations of the Rinjani Trek and maintenance program.

A trip which is organized is by far the easiest option, the safest and most popular but also very likely to make all the arrangements yourself and we provide a guide and equipment from one of the centers of climbing in the mountains. Mount Rinjani National Park regulations stipulate the use of certified guides so that even the most experienced mountain climbers and still need to be prepared to climb Mount Rinjani with professional guide service we had. The mountains of Licensed Guide certification Association (HPI) problem with guide Rinjani and porter but it must be understood that the standard certification and training required no where near as tight as expected in many other countries. Serious accidents including the death that occurred on Rinjani treks when led by the guide is accredited.

Proper study climbing Mount Rinjani

Hiking boots are an absolute necessity as is water resistant, wind resistant jacket, and head lights. If you are going to the top, the use of Poles (sticks) to get through the scree (loose rocks) above is also highly recommended. With 2000m, you’ll feel like you’re not in the tropics again because of rising damp, heat loss and temperature can fall as rain. If inappropriate clothes become wet difficulties will set up as temperatures go as low as 4c peak, often with cold winds is a significant factor in the extra. You must adjust the prepare.

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty the date of your climb to come to Lombok from this early start, after we receive confirmation of name hotel in Lombok, also include the full name to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani and also confirmed your mobile number, you can re-confirm again in a week before you come to Lombok via this email

We can not serve you for book confirmation certainty of a suddenly to climb Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island, you can give feedback in one week before you climb Mount Rinjani through this email or at least 2 days before the climb mount Rinjani through the telephone or mobile phone as following:

We hope the future will be better, where the experience we have to understand and explore from our hearts it is wise, We understand in heart “how the sense we are dealing with good nature and man himself”

We will serve you as a visitor or as a mountaineer, Mount Rinjani also for recreation while the sport at Mount Rinjani National Park, we have a wonderful community in unity

We have hobby early climbing adventure to the wilds of Mount Rinjani, and can imagine, our many years of experience in the study of nature, we embarked on a business activity, while trekking or adventure sports and ecotourism in Mount Rinjani. We provide the best corporate travel services for backpackers or friends who want to study the backpacking into the wild at the National Park of Mount Rinjani, the island also has an exotic expeditions associated with us, please join in the ascent of Mount Rinjani, we hope to have a value-added activity in wild adventures

Search the natural beauty and enjoy the challenge, discover the unique thrill and adventure tourism experiences that you have not felt at the “Mount Rinjani National Park”. The more you understand the higher the level of awareness and your insight to care about the preservation of culture and nature Indonesia. Always sustainable to earth my friend for culture and for Indonesia’s natural.

Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Offers tour packages to climb to mount Rinjani, Lombok Island and its surroundings

Nature and the mountain does not require conquerors, except the supreme conqueror, namely God. Nature and the mountain takes its admirers and lovers. None of the mountaineers in the world who managed to become the conqueror of the mountain peaks. That there is a peak achievement and nature lovers are earthy and sincere. Climbing mountains is a healthy hobby and a great sport.
Well,… we offer tour packages travel hike to mount Rinjani on Lombok and well into the surrounding islands, we specialize as a guide in your personal relationships when you are in the mount Rinjani, both also in groups together for all activities involving sports and recreation in a beautiful volcano, which specializes as well as for climbing routes that are tough, as both climbers beginners as well as an adventure climb on Mount Rinjani, We also serve the Rinjani mountain climbing every day.

Well, please visit our photo gallery album which we update daily Follow us Activity Climbing Mount Rinjani on facebook page!

We have a team work will be ready to serve you and who they are going to set you once you arrive at the Mount Rinjani National Park? Read more..

I like Trekking Mountain Rinjani because

1. The clean mountain air makes the lungs I thank you..
2. No one can beat the sensation of drinking directly at the mountain spring water.
3. The sounds of nature in the middle of the night silence the truth.
5. Light the sky always appears markedly at night.
6. No food is more delicious than the food cooked on the mountain.
7. Get to know friends much closer. Knit fraternity.
8. Meet new people like old friends cannot see you.
9. Burn calories and lose a little weight.
10. Healthy!
11. Enjoyment of a cup of coffee on a cold morning mist.
12. Always gets positive mood.
13. Calm the heart and mind.
14. Teaches us that we are very small compared to nature, especially its creator.
15. Mental and physical Training.
16. Never regret to go, and always wanted to return.
17. I like walking in nature, with no destinations. Life is all about the journey, right?
18. It help you to make sense of this crazy world we live in.
19. Seeing things that others may not have seen. Savanna with edelweiss flowers, lakes and waterfalls are unspoiled, whose tempestuous sky, rows of stars with galaxy and many more.
20. It’s a photographers dream! Nature produces things that are incredible. And we never know what other surprises will be given to us.

“The activity of life”

Is based on the benefits of physical activity beyond the prevention of disease, including better feeling, have fun, socialize with each other, improve our ability to function in everyday life and gain control over our lives, let us take advantage of sports and recreational activities in Mount Rinjani.

How to step up the ascent tactics during mount Rinjani? Basically the exercise path. Therefore, the correct walking technique mastery should know in advance.

Walking to mount Rinjani, is of course not the same as walking on the sidewalk. Mount Rinjani, you must be running with weights on his back, in the Valley, Cliff climbing, abseiling, or pursue a hill not far from a height of 2000 meters. With such terrain coupled with the load to be taken then the balance in walking in the mountains is an absolute.

You may also want to pedestrians to the other, you have to walk in the rhythm of which remains, in other words, not stiff like robots. There is no change as the dancers, walking in the mountains also has its own art. If the dancers had the pleasure of conducting movements, the climbers are running in a particular rhythm also should be able to feel it as a pleasure, too.

There are several benchmarks that must be considered in the running, of course, stepped up, this is the first thing that must be considered. Walk with small steps, do not force the foot to go too wide. The steps that lead to too much often supported by one leg balance for your body because it is easy to wobble. With small steps, weight loss can be firmly supported by both feet. Keep in mind that not only the legs to hold the weight, but it has been coupled with the heavy stuff in a backpack. With small steps, the movement of breath regularly, and this is the best way to save energy.

For experienced climbers, running two or three hours without a break common. Of course, requiring strength and stamina that can only be acquired through training and experience are not the least bit. However, as the minimum size must be said that running one hour with ten-minute break is normal. You feel stuck in your life. You see yourself as a lonely child no one cares. No one seems to give an interest in your dreams and what you want in your life. You feel You are interested only in what you want in your life. At this point, You feel sad. Unhappy. You say to yourself-why in the world no one is interested in my dreams.

Then You remember: you climb a mountain and it makes you special. But, only you will climb the mountain you, no one will do it for you.

What is it Rinjani mountain

The mountain is what you want to ride in your life. This is the reason for your existence. This is your passion, ambition and dreams. You want to make a difference. The mountain is your dream to live, love, learn and leave a legacy. This is what you want. The mountain is how you want to spend your life. If you really don’t know what mountain You, write ten things you want in your life, and from then on chose three big things that you want. This is your mountain. Understand one thing – only you will climb Mount – nothing will work for you.

Once you know your Rinjani mountain

Now you will be working for you on the mountain. You will change the mount into individual steps. The goals and milestones. Input the goals where you will see them multiple times per day. For example, the notes tacked on the dashboard of your car. A note on your computer screen. A postcard in your shirt pocket. A sticker on the inside of your purse. Anywhere you will constantly see the purpose. Every time you get stopped by roadblocks of life, do not be sad. Do not give up. No buts. Instead, just look at your destination. Take a look at your mountain. Don’t forget to look for the mountain. When our lives are affected by obstacles-you will find mountain. Your legs will then follow your eyes. You keep it in mind at all times. If you are constantly looking for a mount, you will survive. You will be working to achieve it, day and night. You will find the time and energy required to reach the Summit. Constraints there will be big enough or strong enough to stop you. This is a great trip, and it doesn’t have to stop you reaching your peak. You are indeed a great mountain to climb.

We also offer a special tour to Gili Air, Gili meno, Gili Trawangan

With all the small islands around the island of Lombok, If you have some demand in the travel / package hike to the top of the mountain Rinjani 3,726 meters, also after trekking Mount Rinjani directly go rest island small virgin to go from the island that there are some beautiful island, you find the hills, dense forest in the mountains and see the Rinjani to the beach after the virgin is breathtakingly your picnic to the beach, we have to prepare fish for the barbeque to a small island in the Gili Poh, Gili Lontar, Gili Genting Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak, you can snorkeling and you can see sea fish variety colors that will tame your approach you will certainly eat the fish, the isles small population with white sandy beach, water a clear and clean, Gili Nanggu except, of course, we offer you a budget hotel accommodation and good level of your recommendations on the island of Lombok via e-mail me. Gili’s it’s means isles or small islands. All the islands are fringed by coral reefs that slope down to the sandy bottom in about 25m, although there are some walls. Visibility is generally around 15m. Fish life here is the main attraction, and including sea turtles, cuttlefish, Moray eels, lobster, Manta rays, Napoleon wrasse and bump head parrotfish. There are good sports such as sea sports Snorkeling just off the coast of all small island; most of the best dive site involve short boat trip

Not comfortable, if you’re a backpacker walks alone toward Sembalun or to Senaru villages starting point for climbing the mountain Rinjani, you will be taken by someone not knowing the good ethics around Sembalun or Senaru villages, the impact of noise bad behavior by people around you, resulting in confusion and of course you will learn losses can not be expected.

Climbing Mount Rinjani without guide

If not experienced as adventurous ascent to Mount Rinjani do not follow links in the website that climb Mount Rinjani without guide and porter, unexpected losses, Mount Rinjani National Park officers do not allow without guide and porter! avoid the event of undesirable things also likely to be out of the area of Gunung Rinjani National Park.

We serve tour and travel package trekking Mount Rinjani, the package consists of 2 days 1 nights, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights and 6 days 5 nights on the Mountain Rinjani Lombok Island, Indonesia. We specialize in relationship to your personal guide, both of which were also in a group together or as a novice climbers to all activities involving sports and recreation in the beautiful volcanoes, surely you specialize with the experience and adventure climb to mount Rinjani. We have a complete package of information activities, hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking service in National Park of Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, Indonesia.

Please arrange your travel before coming to the island of Lombok, include the name of the participants of your colleagues, how many people are participants of the climbers including you, the name of your flight, the name of your boat, the name of your Ferry, as well as time arrives in the harbour as well as through the International Airport in Lombok, so in a confirmation through our email below.

Hiking Package Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Offers tour packages to climb Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok island and its surroundings. Offer as a guide specializing in private or in groups for all activities involving sport while recreation and adventures information package hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking mountain Rinjani in Lombok Island, Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani National Park closed

The closure of hiking paths is one form of management of the climbing is done in order to restore or recovery of ecosystems, the anticipation of danger of fire due to drought, cold weather and the anticipation of the rainy season that accompanied the wind that may harm the climbers. There are 2 closing mechanisms, namely a routine and incidental (at any time when needed) the certainty of closure will be issued by the clerk of the National Park of Mount Rinjani and announced through the entrance and in the Office of the National Park of Mount Rinjani). The closure of the hiking paths are routinely done during planned every year once at the time of the rainy season at the time specified during the early January to March, other than rain and strong winds accompanying the danger at any time can occur also as conservation of nature, Mount Rinjani National Park will open again in early April, it is already customary in each year.

Frequently asked questions Trekking Mount Rinjani

Question: When is the best time of the year to climb Mt Rinjani? And when does the national park mount Rinjani close?
Answer: The best season of the climbing are April – December. Mt Rinjani National Park closed from January – March due to the heavy rain. In fact, almost all year round it is possible to do trek due to the tropical climate that Lombok has, unless the activity of the volcano raised. The National Park authority will send notification about the current activity of the volcano.

Question: What are the difference between Deluxe and Standard Service at Mount Rinjani?
Answer: The Deluxe Service gives travelers more convenient facilities such as; porter to carry your extra luggage to mount Rinjani, mountain chair, soft mattresses for sleeping, toilet shelter, better food, etc, while Standard Budget service use communal trekking equipment.

Question: Do the porters carry our luggage/backpack to Mount Rinjani?
Answer: No they don’t. Porters we provide are in charge to carry all logistic for the trek program only. If you wish, you can pay extra for extra porter to carry your extra luggage at IDR 275,000 per porter per day.

Question: What time is the pick up time if I stay in Senggigi or Mataram area?
Answer: Pick up point at the hotel’s lobby is at 06:00AM, anywhere in Senggigi or Mataram. For those who stay in Gili Islands, the pick up point would be at Bangsal Port OR Teluk Nara Port at 07:00, please arrange yourself boats transport from the Gilis to the harbor.

Question: Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek program to Mount Rinjani?
Answer: You can leave luggage to our coordinators under foot of mount Rinjani. You can have all your luggage back after the trek ends. It’s the usual things we do with our guests also with your luggage safe.

What is the difference between the Sembalun and Senaru track?

If you want to climb from Sembalun Lawang, makes it easy to go to the Summit of Mount Rinjani 3726 meters.

If you start to climb from Senaru, does not possible you to the Summit of Mount Rinjani, because the short-term period 2 days 1 nights, then you last night at Plawangan Senaru Crater 2641m altitude, and you will return to Senaru village.

Ascend the Mount Rinjani route from Sembalun Lawang

Yes, it allows climbing to the summit of Mount Rinjani for 2 days 1 night

Ascend the Mount Rinjani route from Senaru

It is not possible to climb to the top of Mount Rinjani for 2 days and 1 night
Allows climbing to the summit of Mount Rinjani for 3 days 2 nights and 4 days 3 nights as beginner or novice climbers

How to choose the best Mount Rinjani Trekking service?

Select your mount Rinjani climb package carefully. Yes, you can take a tour of some cheap once you arrive in Lombok but you tend to get what you pay for in Mount Rinjani. We suggest to ignore the cheapest option and spend a little more to make sure you feel comfortable and safe in Mount Rinjani later.

The Savanaah Grass Tall at Sembalun Lawang altitude 1400m
The Savannah Grass Tall at Sembalun Lawang altitude 1400m of Mount Rinjani
Lake Segara Anak altitude 2000m of Mount Rinjani
Lake Segara Anak altitude 2000m of Mount Rinjani
Full moon at Mount Rinjani
Full moon at Mount Rinjani

Please visit the people who’ve ever climb Mount Rinjani with our services click Photo Gallery of the ascent of Mount Rinjani in Facebook Page

After climbing Mount Rinjani, we offer you option tour snorkel to Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis including boat, mask, swim fins and sea food lunch or tours snorkeling to Gili Trawangan surrounding areas including boats, masks, swim fins, life jacket, of course your soreness is recovered.

Trekking Mt Rinjani package 2 Days 1 Nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 3 Days 2 Nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 6 days 5 nights via Sembalun |

Rinjani Volcano Activity Report |

Trekking Mt Rinjani package 2 Days 1 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 3 Days 2 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 4 Days 3 Nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mt Rinjani package 6 days 5 nights via Senaru |

Trekking Mount Rinjani Organizer

Offering tour packages to climb Mount Rinjani, Lombok and surrounding areas as well as organizers of group or private tour guides for all activities involving sports and adventure volcanoes complete hiking, trekking, climbing, camping packages at Rinjani Mountain National Park on Lombok Island Indonesia

Trekking Mount Rinjani Company

Serving the ascent of Mount Rinjani Packages
Company business license by Sasak Lombok Tours & Travel Agent: Kep. 47/BPU/V/92
Official Website: Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia
Official Website: Trekking Mount Rinjani Package Lombok Island Indonesia
Official Website: Hiking Mount Rinjani Package Lombok island Indonesia
Official Website: Hiking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia
Official Website: Paket Mendaki Gunung Rinjani Lombok Indonesia
Official Website: Paket mendaki Gunung Rinjani
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Blogger Blog: Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia
Office Address: Jalan Cendrawasih No.8 Cakranegara
Code Pos 83239 Mataram Lombok Indonesia
Contact: Mr.Satya Budi
Contact Email: info@trekkingrinjani.com
Mobile and Whatsapp: +62 817-369-010

Fine us on Google Maps below

©Copyright Trekking Rinjani
Please do not copy and paste our copyright material and photos above, we do not want to load commercially in your website, many of the trekking organizer have been emulating copyrighted material that we made since year 1999 by Mr. Satya Budi

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