Trekking Package Mount Rinjani 2 Day 1 Night from Senaru

Plawangan Senaru an altitude 2641m

Here Plawangan Senaru an altitude 2641m

The Itinerary Trekking Package Mount Rinjani 2 Day 1 Night from Senaru

Day 1. Hotel – Senaru Village
Picked up at the hotel at 6 am, drive to SENARU village (601 m), estimated arrival in SENARU village at 8 a.m. After registration in the Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC). See porter from start to travel through dense tropical forest the rich flora and fauna, bird life and various heard species of butterfly shape. Stop and rest is taken along the way, reach Montong Satas (1,500 m). After lunch continue the trip until another 2 hours to post 3 at Mondokan Lolak (2,000 m), the clock breaks here than to another couple of hours through the grassland savannah in Senaru Plawangan is a crater at an altitude of Senaru 2.641 m. to reach the crater around 5: 00 pm, enjoy the views over Lake Segara Anak, landscape with the backdrop of the summit crater of Mount Rinjani Mountain as well as a Mt. Baru Jari (2351 m) volcanoes are still active. On one afternoon a clearly visible sights Gili, Mount Agung in Bali can be seen to the west, reached at the edge of Plawangan Senaru crater about 5 or 6 in the afternoon, setting up a tent and enjoy the surrounding scenery – dinner will be served at the camp at Plawangan Senaru crater

Day 2. Plawangan Senaru Crater – Senggigi
Breakfast, the sun rises at the edge of the crater is the beginning of a memorable DAY 02, enjoy after the pre-dawn ride for two hours on a camping Heading 3 Mondokan Lolak. After enjoying the view, walking down the path to Senaru village through the meadows first then back we found its way into the shade in tropical forests, lunch prepare. After about six hours of Plawangan Senaru crater, the journey ends at the gates of the village of Senaru and transfer to your hotel.

The above package prices on pay per person as follows:
2 – 3 Participant = Rp 2,250,000 per person.
4-6 Participant = Rp 2,000,000 per person.
7-10 Participant = Rp 1,850,000 per person.
11-15 Participant = Rp 1,700,000 per person.

The above prices until valid December 31′ 2015

Transfer into our bank account as deposit 50% one month before coming to Lombok and after trekking activity at Senaru 50%
Please not to cut the cost of transfer from the above prices
When you have to agree with the above prices, we will send proforma invoice via attachment

Our Bank account:
ACCT Number: 0560882122
Beneficiary name: I Komang Satya Budi
Swift code: CENAIDJA
Swift Sort Code: CENA

The above package price includes:
– Guide
– Porter
– Tents
– Each get a sleeping bag
– Each get a mattress
– Cooking equipment
– Trekking activity 2 days 1 nights
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb on Mount Rinjani
– Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, chickens meat, rice and spices
– Snacks such as biscuits
– Beverages (mineral water, tea, sugar, bread, jam)
– 2 x transportation (Hotel – Senaru, Senaru – Senggigi)
– Entrance fee National Park Mount Rinjani
– Permit Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC)

What you should bring:
· Camera
· Light Jacket
· Sunscreen
· Sun glasses
· Toilet paper wet and dry
· Personal medicine
· Small amount of money
· Flashlight
· Personal hygiene items (e.g. tampons, etc)
· Light fleece / sweater
· Towel (for the 2nd day)
· Spare T-shirt
· Warm hat (for evening, morning and summit)
· Tiger Balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
· Long pants and shorts
· Gloves

About porter:
Our porters will carry food, tent, sleeping bag, mattress, tarps and kitchenware, the task of our guide will monitor the presence of participants of the climbers when hike slow and gives the instructions on line.

When your guest are 3 attendance climbers include you, we use our porter 3 person and 1 a guide, if your guest want to carry an extra porter personal needs to the mountain, we gladly invite to discuss after arriving in Sembalun before climbing in the morning, usually the cost extra porters is Rp 125,000 porter/porter/day, so paid over a TWO-day during climb on Mount Rinjani to Rp 250.000/porter. Load on the shoulders of our porters 35 kilos, yes.. porter will be following your guest during the ascent of Mount Rinjani.

About your other bag:
Preferably things that don’t need to be brought to climb like a snorkel, so that stuff in say to the driver before leaving on the first day arrive at the Sembalun. This stuff will be on leave in our home safely, after climbing activity arrived in Senaru, your luggage will be brought back by the driver and the same car.

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty the date of your climb to come to Lombok from this early start, after we receive confirmation of name hotel in Lombok, also include the full name to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani and also confirmed your mobile number, you can re-confirm again in a week before you come to Lombok via this email

We can not serve you for book confirmation certainty of a suddenly to climb Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island, you can give feedback in one week before you climb Mount Rinjani through this email or at least 2 days before the climb mount Rinjani through the telephone or mobile phone as following:

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m - Trekking Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m – Trekking Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m - Trekking Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m – Trekking Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m - Trekking Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru altitude 2641 m – Trekking Rinjani

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Not comfortable, if you’re a backpacker walks alone toward Sembalun or to Senaru villages starting point for climbing the mountain Rinjani, you will be taken by someone not knowing the good ethics around Sembalun or Senaru villages, the impact of noise bad behavior by people around you, resulting in confusion and of course you will learn losses can not be expected

Trekking Rinjani
Offering specializes personal guide all activities involving sport and adventures information package hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking mountain Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Address Office:
Jalan : Cendrawasih no 8 Cakranegara. Mataram code post : 83231
Lombok.NTB.Indonesia. Telephone/Fax : +62 370 631271
If urgent our mobile: +62 8123761387 and mobile: +62 817369010
Contact person: Mr. Satya Budi


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