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Info of Mount Rinjani hiking trail is temporarily closed

The current Info of Mount Rinjani hiking trail is temporarily closed

In connection with the forest fires that occur on Senaru hiking trails that lead to the Sembalun hiking trails…
To maximize the handling of forest fires, ensure safe hiking trails, maintain the safety and security of visitors climbing and anticipation of the widespread fires of other hiking trails then:

It is encouraged to visitors, tourist and community people to obey and understand the policy for safety and security together.

Mount Rinjani National Park staff with community carrying out Rinjani forest fire suppression

On Friday/October 04, 2019 around 11.00 a.m., the staff of Mount Rinjani National Park in Kembang Kuning village Get reports from the community that there has been a forest fire on Rinjani South Peak slope. The community sees the high-soaring smoke of its location in Timbanuh village.

Based on the report, Mount Rinjani National Park officers immediately coordinate with the community to perform fire suppression. The combined team was formed. The team is comprised of the Society of the Fire Care (MPA) and the Gunung Rinjani National Park officer with a total of 10 people with details of 8 people from the Timbanuh village and the plantation village and 2 MR. Mount Rinjani officers. The team went to the fire location at 15.00 p.m.

To get to the location of the fire, the team took quite a long time because of the steep terrain condition and difficult to pass so that the team arrived at the burned location the next day Saturday/05 October 2019.

Upon arriving at the fire site, the team immediately extinguishing. Thanks to the effort, prayer and teamwork, the fire was successfully extinguished.

Based on the results of the analysis, the widespread location of the burned is about 150 hectares with burned vegetation in the form of grass savanna, tree-huddle, Sentigi Mountain, Mountain Orchid, Picanium, and fir tree. Fires are suspected to occur due to natural activity of the rock avalanche from the south peak of Rinjani causing sparks and burning grass savanna.

Mount Rinjani National Park Officer provides a highest appreciation for the participation of all parties in this forest fire fighting activity. Thanks to the community who have provided information about the fire so that an immediate blackout effort can be made and forest fires are not widespread. Beware of forest fires, let’s use fire wisely and in control to prevent fire-free forest.

Thank.. Beware of forest fires…

Displaying the development of forest fires in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park on 21 October 2019 visit here at

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