Plawangan Sembalun - Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park

Activities of Life is based on the benefits of physical activity outside of prevention of diseases, including feeling better, having fun, socializing with others, enhance our ability to function in everyday life and gain control over our lives, let us take advantage to sporting activities and recreation at Mount Rinjani National Park.

How about stepping tactics during the ascent to Mountain Rinjani National Park? Basically walking exercise. Therefore, proper running technique mastery should know beforehand. Walk to Mount Rinjani, of course not the same as walking on the sidewalk. Mount Rinjani you have to walk with a load on his back, across the valley, climb the cliff, down a slope, or chasing the hills not far from a height of 2000 meters. With a field like that coupled with the burden that must be taken then the balance in walking in the mountains is absolute. You may also want another pedestrian, you must walk in a fixed rhythm, in other words, not stiff like a robot. No changes as a dancer, walking on the Mountain Rinjani National Park also has its own art. If the dancers have the pleasure of doing the movement, the climbers who walked in a particular rhythm should also be able to feel it as a pleasure as well.

There are some benchmarks that must be considered in the running, of course, stepping, this is the first thing to consider. Walk with small steps, do not force the legs to go too wide. The steps that are too heavy cause is often supported by one leg balance to your body because it is easy to waver. With small steps, weight loss can be firmly supported by both legs. Keep in mind that the foot is not only to hold the weight, but it has been coupled with the heavy stuff in the backpack. With small steps, regular breathing movements, and this is the best way to save energy.

For experienced climbers, walking two or three hours without a break is common. Of course, requires strength and stamina that can only be acquired through training and experience that are not small. However, as a minimum size must be said that walking an hour with a break of ten minutes is normal.

You see yourself as a lonely kid no one cares. No one seem to give any interest in your dream and what you want in your life.

You feel only you are interested in your what you want in your life.
At this point, you feel sad. Unhappy. You say to yourself – why in the world no one is interested in my dream.

Then you remember : You are climbing a mountain Rinjani and this makes you special. But, only you will climb your mountain Rinjani, no one will do it for you.

What is this Mountain Rinjani National Park ?
The mountain Rinjani is what you want to climb in your life. It is the true reason for your existence. It is Your passions, ambitions and dreams. The difference you want to make. The mountain Rinjani is your dream to live, love, learn and leave a legacy. It is what you really want. The mountain Rinjani is how you want to spent your life. If you really don’t know what is your mountain Rinjani, write down ten thing you want in your life, and from it pick three big things you really want. This is your mountain Rinjani. Understand one thing – Only you will climb the mountain Rinjani – no one will walk it for you.

Once you know your Mountain Rinjani National Park
Now you will work for your Mountain Rinjani. You will transform the mountain Rinjani into individual steps. These becomes goals and milestones. Put these goals where you will see them several times each day. For example, a note taped on your car’s dashboard. A note on your computer screen. A postcard in your shirt pocket. A sticker on the inside of your wallet. Anywhere you will constantly see the goal. Every time you get stopped by life’s roadblocks, do not get sad. Do not give up. Do not look for excuses. Instead, just look at your goals. Look at your mountain Rinjani. Never forget to look for the Mountain Rinjani National Park. When our life is hit by a roadblock – You will look for the Mountain Rinjani National Park. Your feet will then follow your eyes.

You keep this Mountain Rinjani National Park in mind at all times. If you constantly look for the Mountain Rinjani National Park , you will persist. You will work to reach it, day and night. You will find the time and energy it takes to reach the top.

No obstacle will be big enough nor strong enough to stop you.
It is a great journey, and nothing should stop you from reaching your mountain Rinjani top. You are indeed climbing a great mountain Rinjani.

Plawangan Sembalun

Plawangan Sembalun an altitude 2639 meters – Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru

Plawangan Senaru – Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Senaru

Plawangan Senaru

Plawangan Sembalun

Plawangan Sembalun an altitude 2639 meters

Mount Rinjani

Sembalun Lawang – Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Sembalun

Plawangan Sembalun an altitude 2639 meters – Mount Rinjani

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Trekking Rinjani
Offering specializes personal guide all activities involving sport and adventures information package hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking mountain Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Address Office:
Jalan : Cendrawasih no 8 Cakranegara. Mataram code post : 83231
Lombok.NTB.Indonesia. Telephone : +62 370 631271, Facsimile +62 370 622321
If urgent our mobile: +62 8123761387 and mobile: +62 817369010
Contact person: Mr. Satya Budi

Hiking package Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights

Hiking package Mount Rinjani 4 days 3 nights, since the first day we pick you up from the Airport to the hotel under the foot of the mountain, including the hotel before you climb in the morning, the location of the hotel is quite clean and cold, i.e. under the foot of Mount Rinjani, so climbing activity into 3 days 2 nights, the following itineraries below:

Climbing mount Rinjani start from Sembalun Lawang

Climbing mount Rinjani start from Sembalun Lawang

Of course you can join with other climbers participants, the cost per person, but we will monitor the proper time to arrive in Lombok, and also on the same day arrived in Lombok, can you have the time maybe?

Itinerary package 4 days 3 nights and available climbing mount Rinjani.

Lunch at Sembalun post 3

NOTE: To go to the highest peak of 3726 meters, you will be assisted by a porter or guide, your obligation to pay share with your friends is 100,000 IDR per porter, and pay direct to porters or guide at Gunung Rinjani, because we can not estimate the ability of one participant to summit, therefore we consider some of the participants to summit – read Day 3

Plawangan Sembalun of Mount Rinjani

Plawangan Sembalun of Mount Rinjani

If you want to join the participants of other climbers, we use a regular schedule of hiking package period 4 days 3 nights including one night hotel under the foot of Mount Rinjani before climbing in the morning as follow:

Day 1: Airport – Sembalun Lawang
On the shuttle from the Airport towards Sembalun Lawang village, driving approximately 2 half hours.
Staying in guest houses backgrounds view of Mount Rinjani, guest house and a good clean look bellow at Lembah Rinjani Hotel

Room Lembah Rinjani Hotel before climbing in the morning

Room Lembah Rinjani Hotel before climbing in the morning

Day 2: Sembalun Lawang – Plawangan sembalun Crater Rim (2639m).
Wake up at 6 am, breakfast at hotel, at 7 am start walking, approximately two hours we arrived at the post I and rest for a few minutes later on the way to post III. Arrived around 13:00 pm, was in post 3, preparatory to cook for lunch which was presented by Mr Bohari. 14:00 pm: after lunch we are dealing with a fairly high hill, about three hours of climbing we had reached the Plawangan Sembalun with 2639 meters altitude. at 16:00, or 17:00 in the afternoon has arrived in the mid-body Plawangan Sembalun Mount Rinjani with altitude 2639 meter, we are in aid of porters set up tents and prepare dinner from our guide cuisine, and the next night, or see its location Plawangan Sembalun crater rim bellow:

Plawangan Sembalun of Mount Rinjani

We are here for the first night at Plawangan Sembalun before climbing to the summit 3726 meter of mount Rinjani :)

Day 3: Plawangan sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) – Summit – Segara Anak Lake
Maybe there who want to top 3726 meter in expecting to wake up at 3:00 in the morning to enjoy breakfast banana pancakes or toast, coffee / tea, a trip to the summit of Mount Rinjani lasted about three or five hours, a field trip to the summit and weight quite dangerous, deserts, craters, and canyons that seem unfounded, will force the adrenaline racing during the 3-5 hour trip, so we recommend wearing an anti-dust spectacles and thick sweater if for beginners to the top have to walk slowly, after our reached the summit of Mount Rinjani 3.726m. Approximate hours of 6:00, you will be able to see the incredible scenery, as you can see all parts of the island of Lombok. You can even see Mount Tambora, the Great, and also some small island called Gili around the island of Lombok, after 30 minutes at the top, a picture together or worship activities and other activities, we will return to the tent (Plawangan Sembalun), approximately 9:00 o’clock in the morning over breakfast, we continued our journey to the lake Segara Anak – trips to the lake about 3-4 hours (down). The fast climbers had to descend a rocky slope with a slope around of 35 degrees. Arrive at Lake around 12:00 hours or 03 hours of rest afternoon shore of Lake Segara Anak, Mt New look beautiful still active, while preparing lunch on a plate Bohari around the lake, a few minutes later we went to a hot water bath. Hot water bath is believed to cure all diseases, especially skin diseases, rheumatism, etc. Lunch is ready in around the lake, while enjoying the fishing activity. 16:00 pm, you can enjoy the sunset and the beauty of its surroundings, enjoying the activities at night, make a campfire, enjoying the stars, singing and other activities, which are available for dinner and overnight in tents lake Segara Anak.

Relax at Segara Anak Lake

Relax at Segara Anak Lake

Day 4: Lake Segara Anak – Senaru Village – Senggigi or Mataram city areas
8:00 am: After breakfast, we continue the journey to Pelawangan Senaru. 12:00 noon: lunch, arrive in the village Senaru, and rest, arrived in the village of Senaru where we provide vehicles were waiting. And the next trip to Senggigi or Mataram areas

The above package prices in rupiah on pay per person:

Price: By email to
We will include invoices as deposit payment

The above package price includes:
– One night at Lembah Rinjani Hotel
– Guide
– Porter
– Tents
– Each get a sleeping bag
– Each get a mattress
– Cooking equipment
– Trekking activity 3 days 2 nights
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb on Mount Rinjani
– Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, chickens meat, rice and spices
– Snacks such as biscuits
– Beverages (mineral water, tea, sugar, bread, jam)
– 2 x transportation (Airport – Sembalun, Senaru – Senggigi)
– Entrance fee National Park Mount Rinjani
– Permit Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC)

What you should bring:
· Camera
· Light Jacket
· Sunscreen
· Sun glasses
· Toilet paper wet and dry
· Personal medicine
· Small amount of money
· Flashlight
· Personal hygiene items (e.g. tampons, etc)
· Light fleece / sweater
· Towel (for the 2nd day)
· Spare T-shirt
· Warm hat (for evening, morning and summit)
· Tiger Balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
· Swimming wears (if you intend to swim on the lake)
· Long pants and shorts
· Gloves

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty the date of your climb to come to Lombok from this early start, after we receive confirmation of name hotel in Lombok, also include the full name to help us monitor as a visitor to Mount Rinjani and also confirmed your mobile number, you can confirmation again in a week before you come to Lombok via this email;

Trekking Rinjani
Personal guide trekking adventure mount Rinjani
Web site:
Address: Jalan Cendrawasih No.8 Cakranegara
Code Pos 83231 Mataram Lombok Indonesia
Phone: +62 370 631271 Fax: +62 370 631037
Contact: Mr.Satya Budi
Mobile: +62 812 37 61387
Mobile: +62 817 36 9010

Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Offering specializes personal guide organizer all activities involving sport and adventures volcanoes complete information package hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking mountain Rinjani National Park Lombok Island Indonesia

Hiking and Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia
Offering specializes personal guide organizer all activities involving sport and adventures complete information package hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking mountain Rinjani National Park Lombok Island Indonesia. Let trip Hiking and Trekking Adventure volcanoes in Lombok island Indonesia and Climb the mountain Rinjani and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. Visit more detail our site at

We are specializes and personal guide organizer adventure all activities involving package program complete information hiking, trekking, climbing, camping and cooking trips offering tours of volcanoes around Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia, Spend your days hiking and trekking in the mountains on hiking trips designed by hikers for hikers. When developing our trips we emphasize the quality of the hiking experience over other factors such as the selection of specific overnight accommodations. This allows us to create itineraries that immerse you in the best hiking experiences the mountain Rinjani have to offer.

My name is Bohari as nick name, I was born Pasugulan village on the foot of mountain Rinjani Lombok island, for the first my experiences adventure in Hiking, Trekking, Climbing and Camping Personal Guide Adventure all activities involving program package Rinjani as specializes personal guide offers tours volcanoes around Mount Rinjani Lombok, also we experiences support at Sasak Lombok Tours & Travel, I’m establish job at travel agent tours operator in Lombok island Indonesia since 1979 first joint as Porters, and as now I’m specialists cook and personal guide surrounding mountain Rinjani. This decade, I’ve been experiences with Mr. Sakewathy as Chairman owner Sasak Lombok Tours & Travel he was a joyful adventure recommended me as guide. They are (Sakewathy) the first travel agent in Lombok establishment since 1970. Also we offering as specially tours to Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan with all surrounding the isle Lombok island, If you have some are request on the trek/climb package to go summit of Mountain Rinjani 3.726 meter, also after trekking Mount Rinjani directly to go virgin of Isle, you found surrounding hills dense forest at mount Rinjani till to see to the beach afterwards your picnic breathtakingly to the beach then we prepare sea fish barbeque to go unspoiled isle at Gili Poh, Gili Lontar, Gili Genting Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak nice swimming and snorkeling, there are no body inhabitant except Gili Nanggu, of course we offers your budget hotel accommodations and good rates recommendation you in Lombok island by e-mail me. Gili the meaning isle. All the islands are fringed by coral reef which slope down to sandy bottom at around 25m, although there are some coral walls. Visibility is generally around 15m. The fish life here is the main attraction and includes sea turtles, cuttlefish, moray eels, lobster, manta rays, Napoleon wrasse and bump head parrotfish. There are good snorkeling sport just off the beaches of all the isle; most of the best dive site involve short boat trips

Having daily hiking and trekking mount Rinjani options made it easy for you to choose a hike that was consistent with our abilities. We were encouraged to maintain our own personal style of hiking and trekking mount Rinjani… We realize that, had we been left to attempt this trip on our own, we might have been able to do 10% of what we accomplished with relaxing ease while in the care of Bohari Adventure. Get to the heart of the mountain Rinjani with Mr. Bohari Adventure gets you right to the heart of the best mountain Rinjani hiking and trekking areas. We seek out established trails in national parks, nature reserves and protected areas and strive to avoid routes involving roads. Hikes begin right at the front door of your hotel or a short shuttle ride away. Bring your comfortable hiking boots, a daypack for personal provisions and trekking poles, if you use them. No other specialized equipment or climbing skills are required.

Mr.Bohari comment: We would like to introduction Mr. Satya Budi, they are organize and follow-up also arrange all my activities, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping matt, a complete foodstuff vegetables, fruits and cooking gears for package trekking mount Rinjani purposes, would you surf personal and organize in this web site click Lombok golden south sea pearls Indonesia. I’m always be side him (Mr. Satya Budi) they are as web master and web developer talent still exposure your photograph when you might joint with us and they are for give me some spirit and of course support you for good stamina our foodstuff for the trekking mount Rinjani, Mr. Satya Budi still support about me also a break for my life, really… I’ am coz suddenly in this web site about me, I’m happy and pride was owns in this job my skill exposited in this web about me as specializes personal guide adventure all activities involved package Mount Rinjani in Lombok island, or Personal Guide Specializes in Trekking Adventure all activities involving program Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Climbing and cooking offering information adventure and tours of volcanoes around Mount Rinjani Lombok island Indonesia. We are protection of the environment surrounding mount Rinjani Lombok island Indonesia

Trekking Rinjani
Personal guide trekking adventure mount Rinjani
Address: Jalan Cendrawasih No.8 Cakranegara
Code Pos 83231 Mataram Lombok Indonesia
Phone: +62 370 631271 Fax: +62 370 622321
Contact: Mr.Satya Budi
Mobile: +62 812 37 61387
Mobile: +62 817 36 9010

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